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Psychological Testing

Specialized assessments provide insight into emotional, social and behavioral well-being to guide treatment


Certified teachers tailor each session to your child's unique learning and executive needs

Psycho-Educational Evaluations

Comprehensive assessments are provided to determine the presence of learning, attention, processing deficits or other neurodevelopmental or emotional impediments to academic success

Neuropsychological Evaluations

We objectively assess brain-behavior relationships to determine the presence of memory, learning, attention or processing impairments


We provide a comfortable, therapeutic environment for all ages

Parent Guidance

Come to us for guidance and direction regarding your child's educational, emotional or behavioral needs

Gifted Evaluations

Clinicians determine the presence of giftedness and assist with educational planning

Coaching Sessions

Experienced tutors are available to teach executive functioning and provide organizational tools needed for success

Autism Evaluations

Clinicians determine the level and severity of ASD to assist with advocacy and intervention

About Us

We are a specialized psycho-educational company designed by a neurodevelopment specialist trained in identifying learning strengths and overcoming developmental weaknesses and psychological impediments that often impede optimal growth in formative years. The mission of our company is to assist children in reaching their full potential throughout development and college years.

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