About Us

We are a specialized psycho-educational company designed by a neurodevelopmental specialist trained in identifying learning strengths and overcoming developmental weaknesses and psychological impediments that often impede optimal growth in formative years.

Stephanie Renfrow, Ph.D.

Our team of licensed psychologists and certified tutors offer in-office psycho-educational testing, neuropsychological testing, psychological testing or tutoring, as well as virtual or in-home tutoring and coaching services with a variety of techniques and interventions to suit your child’s needs at any grade level. 

Founder and CEO of RSR Learning Group, Inc.


Dr. Stephanie Renfrow earned a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Neuropsychology from Nova Southeastern University in 2010. Licensed in both Florida and North Carolina, she has built a successful practice specializing in psycho-educational assessment and psychotherapy for children and young adults.

RSR Learning Group, Inc. is a North Carolina expansion of her long-standing private practice in Florida (SRS Psychology, Inc,) which encompasses Dr. Renfrow’s many years of expertise in both fields of education and psychology, in order to provide students and parents with the insights and tools needed to not only learn content, but to move beyond current neurocognitive and psychological limitations while optimizing their strenghts, progressing through grade school and having fun!