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If you struggle with learning disabilities, mental health issues, or other neurocognitive limitations, RSR Learning Group, Inc., is here to help you figure out the exact neural pathways troubling you with psychological evaluation at our Raleigh, NC clinic.

Neurodevelopmental specialist Dr. Stephanie Renfrow founded RSR Learning with the aim of expanding her already successful psychology practice and helping people overcome psychological and developmental weaknesses. With the psychological testing that we provide, we can help figure out a more tailored plan to help you by identifying your weaknesses — and your mental strengths.

Our Psychological Testing Services

Dr. Renfrow brings years of expertise in both psychology and education to the table both here in Raleigh at RSR and at her Florida practice. Dr. Renfrow and the staff at RSR Learning Group are committed to helping you grow past your current psychological and neurocognitive limitations so you can retain content in and out of educational settings.

We do this by performing a variety of neuropsychological tests to identify your mental strengths and the direct brain-to-behavior links in your nervous system. This objective assessment allows us to determine and assess any specific memory, attention, processing, or other learning impairments you may have. Dr. Renfrow designed our assessments to get a complete picture of what is holding you back from your full academic potential at the neural level. This allows us to create a custom plan to help you overcome these impairments and improve your learning experience.

No matter your age, the staff at RSR Learning Group is here to take the holistic approach to help you overcome developmental or psychological impediments in order to help you achieve your full potential as a student.

To schedule your appointment for our neuropsychological testing and start your journey to improved academic growth, email rsrlearninggroup@gmail.combook your appointment onlinereach out to us, or call our Honeycutt Road offices at 919-719-5368.

We objectively assess brain-behavior relationships to determine the presence of memory, learning, attention or processing impairments