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Are you concerned your child may have ADD, ADHD, learning disabilities, or sensory processing disorders? The uncertainty and worry of what may hinder your child’s success can be stressful to any parent.

Fortunately, RSR Learning Group, Inc., can perform psycho-educational evaluations in a no-pressure environment at our Raleigh, NC, office to get an accurate picture of whatever impediments your child faces in life and education.

With that information in mind, our team of licensed clinical psychologists, counselors, and tutors can create a personalized plan to help your child play to their strengths and overcome challenges for a future of success.

Dr. Renfrow’s Mission

Dr. Stephanie Renfrow, our founder, earned her Ph.D. in clinical psychology — with a specialization in neuropsychology — in 2010. RSR Learning Group, Inc., is a natural extension of her established private practice in Florida and her background in education.

Our team of psychologists shares Dr. Renfrow’s goal to provide North Carolina families with the treatment and tools to overcome developmental difficulties and disorders that, left untreated, would impede academic and lifelong success.

We at RSR Learning Group, Inc., are committed to pinpointing any difficulties your child is struggling with in the classroom.

Our Commitment to Your Success

Once we have administered our psycho-educational evaluations to your child, our psychologists and tutors have a clear picture of the exact mix and degree of obstacles your child faces when it comes to learning and retaining information.

From there, we can draft and implement a treatment plan that is unique to your child’s learning strengths and challenges. Our sole purpose is to help your child develop strategies and overcome their difficulties in order to enjoy a successful life.

Get your child started on the path to success — book an appointment with us from the convenience of your home. Please keep in mind we are closed on Sundays.

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