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At RSR Learning Group, Inc., we offer psychological testing services as part of our goal to provide psychological and educational services and support. We perform these tests in order to identify your child’s unique strengths and challenges so we can better guide our counseling and therapy sessions. Book an appointment for psychological testing at our Raleigh, NC, office today!

Our Psychological Testing Services

Our assessments are designed by Dr. Stephanie Renfrow in order to identify where your child most needs guidance and support. This gives us the guidance we need to give your child the best possible counseling, therapeutic treatment, and even academic tutoring so that they can reach their full potential. With the results from our tests, our licensed psychologists and certified tutors have a clear road map of the best treatment to help your child overcome their unique challenges. We can help your child improve all areas of their emotional and mental health. In addition, these assessments allow us to give you the support you need to be an informed parent and truly connect with your child, so you can provide the guidance and support they need at home.

Our Mission is Your Child’s Success

Dr. Renfrow provides these testing services at RSR Learning Group, Inc., as a natural extension of her private practice in Florida. With a background in education and psychology, Dr. Renfrow has made it her mission to help the children of Florida and North Carolina overcome psychological and developmental stumbling blocks in their formative years. Start your child on the path to answers and solutions with our psychological testing process. Please be aware, we are closed Sundays. Book your appointment for psychological testing with us online right from your home, fill out our online contact form, visit our office on Honeycutt Road, send us a message at, or call 919-719-5368 today.